UP Police uses Chellam Sir meme again, this time features Manoj Bajpayee too


As fans show their love for the second season of The Family Man, one character in the series, Chellam sir, is being immortalised through memes. And it seems even the police can’t get enough of him. The Uttar Pradesh Police has shared two back-to-back post featuring him!

Chellam sir, played by Tamil actor Uday Mahesh, has sparked a plethora of memes, with fans saying he is the desi answer to Google and Wikipedia. Although he had a brief presence in the show, his impact has been felt far and wide. The UP Police recently used one such interaction from the Amazon Prime show between Mahesh and lead Manoj Bajpayee to advise people on how to safeguard their hard-earned money.

As in the show when Mahesh replies to one call by Bajpayee saying “wrong number”, the cops used the same to raise awareness among people when they get calls from scammers.

In a small spoof video shared by the law enforcement agency, Srikant Tiwari, played by Bajpayee, is seen calling Chellam sir to suggest he has won a lottery worth Rs 50,000, and it will be credited once he shares a OTP. As Chellam sir, without paying heed, quickly disconnects, the cops wanted citizens to imbibe the same energy.

The spoof has been edited with the famous ‘Oh No, Oh No… No, no, no’ music to capture Bajpayee’s disappointment, and give a meaningful twist to the show’s scene in this context.

The internet loves it, and, in fact, not just netizens, the actor and series creator-duo Raj and DK too responded to the post.

This is not the first time the UP Police used this meme this week. On Wednesday, the force shared a collage picture along with the post that had news articles about how the emergency 112 service has helped distressed callers and prevented mishaps.

At the centre of the collage is an image of Chellam sir, holding a cellphone. The caption read: “112: A dependable helpline for every family man”.

Twitterati loved UP Police’s sense of humour in the recent post and many said this is the best use of the Chellam sir meme.

Known to the audiences only as “Chellam sir”, the character of a retired top intelligence officer is played by actor Uday Mahesh, who helps Bajpayee’s Srikant Tiwari whenever there is a crisis during their mission.

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