Two constables suspended for stealing ₹5 lakh from jewellery shop


CCTV footable at the shop reportedly shows the two constables pocketing the monehy

Two policemen were placed under suspension after a preliminary inquiry revealed that they stole ₹5 lakh cash from a jewellery shop which was functioning on NSC Bose Road during the complete lockdown. A departmental inquiry also has also been ordered.

A fortnight ago, two constables attached to Flower Bazaar police station were on patrol duty on NSC Bose Road. They spotted a jewellery shop with shutters partially down. Inside, they found the staff counting money. The constables questioned the owner on opening the shop during complete lockdown.

A sub-inspector who reached the scene spot, pacified the constables and they left. Later, the jewellery owner realised that ₹5 lakh was missing from the shop and CCTV footage showed the two constables taking the cash from a table and keeping it inside their trouser pockets. He lodged a complaint with Flower Bazaar Police besides informing higher officers.

Senior officers conducted a preliminary inquiry and on the basis of report, the two constables were suspended pending inquiry. The involvement of sub-inspector was also being probed, said sources.

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