UP Panchayat Polls: 14-year-old boy killed as kin of rival candidates clash election in Unnao


A 14-year-old boy was killed and three others injured in a clash that broke out between two groups allegedly over a panchayat election at Atwa village in Unnao district on Friday evening.

Police said the clash took place between family members and associates of winning Pradhan Anuradha Singh and his unsuccessful rival Seema Pal. Even as the two groups came to blows, things took a more violent turn as bullets rang out. Seema’s nephew, Deepak, suffered a gunshot wound in his back. A student of Class 7, Deepak was rushed to a hospital were doctors declared him dead.

Two other relatives of the losing candidate and Anuradha’s son Suraj also received injuries in the clash. They sustained wounds inflicted by sticks and bricks. Police said all the injured persons are undergoing treatment at a hospital and doctors have stated their condition to be stable.

A case was registered against seven persons, including Seema’s husband Randheer Singh, as well as her brother-in-law, sons and associates at the Fatehpur Chaurasia police station. Additional Superintendent of Police, Unnao, Shashi Shekhar Singh said the incident appears to be the fallout of a dispute in the recent panchayat election. Three persons have also been detained in connection with the incident and an investigation is underway, he added.

Uniformed personnel have been deployed at Atwa village to avoid any untoward incident. Police said they had no prior information on the simmering feud between the two candidates and their families.

Police said on Friday evening, two family members of Anuradha Singh were walking by Seema’s house when someone passed a remark on them. Irked, they fell into an argument with Seema’s relatives. Getting word of the quarrel, more members of Anuradha’s family arrived.

Station House Officer, Fatehpur Chaurasia police station, Bhavnath Chaudhary said both groups clashed with sticks and the situation turned ugly.

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