Mother’s Day 2021: Google Doodle celebrates occasion with pop-up card


Google is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special interactive doodle through which users can wish their mothers. The doodle has a pop-up card to wish the mothers on this special occasion.

Illustrated by Olivia When today’s Google doodle is a heartfelt dedication to all the mothers who love unconditionally.

Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, it is believed the modern Mother’s Day celebration first began in the US, when a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis wanted the day to be commemorated because her own mother had expressed such a desire.

When she passed away, Jarvis held a memorial for her, circa 1908, three years after her death. It was done at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia. It is said while she herself did not attend it, she sent a telegram to the attendees, highlighting the significance of the day, along with five hundred white carnations. What started as Jarvis’ way of honouring her mother, got picked up by other countries over the years, as a way to love, cherish and honour mothers everywhere.

This year, the day is celebrated on May 9. On this day, people around the world take the opportunity to express love and gratitude towards their mother for all the things she has done selflessly.

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