Countries Need To Assist India In Its Battle Against Second Wave Of Covid: Deloitte CEO


As India faces one of its worst public health crises, a top Indian-American CEO has said it is time for other countries to step up their efforts and help the country deal with the COVID-19 situation.

Deloitte CEO Punit Renjen said the company is encouraging its 3,00,000 professionals across the globe to support three charities — GiveIndia, United Way India, and the PM cares Fund.

“This is India’s hour of need. India helped us out when we were going through it in the Western world. And it is up to us to step up, not only for the people that call India home but for all of us,” Punit Renjen told PTI.

“This is a global crisis. If the virus is in one environment, and then mutates, it will impact everybody. No one is safe unless all of us are safe. So, we have to step up. This is the right thing to do. It is also the right thing to do for each of us as business leaders,” he said.

Punit Renjen’s mother who lives in Rohtak in Haryana has tested positive for COVID-19.

“We are focused on two things. One taking care of our people. 15 per cent of Deloitte is in India. So, taking care of our people is very important, and then giving back to India,” he said.

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