Almost all who died had not taken vax, says Docs, Health News, ET HealthWorld


Panaji: Almost all of those who passed away due to Covid recently had not been vaccinated, despite being eligible for the shot. Only a miniscule number had taken one dose and an even smaller percentage both doses.

“We have been trying to convince people for months now to get vaccinated in time for the second wave, but only few listened. Many feel that they cannot take the vaccine because they have comorbidities when, infact, they should be the ones first in line to receive it,” a senior doctor said.

A vaccination officer said people out of fear of the second wave have begun rushing to vaccination centres. “Several fear death and not getting access to hospital beds and are now coming. But in villages people are still reluctant to take the vaccine. They believe the information they find on Whatsapp,” the officer said.

He said religious leaders should motivate their own community to get vaccinated. “This will help get a lot more people vaccinated,” he said.

Another senior doctor said a large percentage of the population hasn’t been vaccinated and continue to harbor misbeliefs about the vaccine. “They have certain ideas filled in their minds. Some fear they will get a heart attack or get paralysed after the vaccine. The senior citizens should have finished their second doses by now, but some haven’t even taken their first dose,” the doctor said.

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