Highest-ever number of new Covid-19 cases reported globally last week, WHO says


A health official takes a swab sample from a man to test for Covid-19 at a testing center in Allahabad, India, on April 12. Sanjay Kanojia/AFP/Getty Images

The world added a record-setting 5,236,922 new Covid-19 cases over the past seven days, according to data published Tuesday from the World Health Organization.

This beats the previous record for new cases in a week of 5.04 million, set the week of Jan. 4, 2021.

Cases increased in all WHO regions except for Europe, which saw a 3% decline in cases. The largest increase in cases occurred in the South-East Asia region, where case counts increased 57% over the previous week. 

WHO said an ongoing outbreak in India appeared to be driving the cases numbers in the South-East Asia region. New cases in India accounted for 94% of new cases in the region and nearly 28% of new cases worldwide.

Global deaths from Covid-19 crossed 3 million in the past week. According to WHO, it took nine months for the world to hit its first million Covid-19 deaths, and only three months to log its most recent million.

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