‘So damn fast’: Watch tourists’ close encounter with lion in pursuit of a prey


A group of tourist on a wildlife safari had a narrow escape when they experienced a lion chasing its prey, up close and personal. The video of the close encounter is now making rounds on the internet.

The now-viral video shows the tourist inside the safari jeep stopping just in time as they spotted a lion in pursuit of what seemed like gazelle.

The video showed the lion closing in on the prey and finally taking it down, right in front of the tourists. “This is nuts,” the caption of the video read, which was shared on Twitter by user @sweetsanade.

Watch the video here:

While many expressed concern over the safety of the tourist, others lauded the cameraman for his skills, capturing the close encounter. Take a look at some of the reactions here:

The undated video, since being shared on Twitter, has managed to garner over 9 million views, with more than 5,500 people retweeting it.

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