‘Normalising being unique’: Boy with limb difference reacts to his poster on storefront


A heartwarming video of a little boy with a limb difference reacting to a poster of himself displayed by a clothing brand has gone viral on social media. The 28-second clip was shared on Twitter by user @GoodNewsCorres1 while sharing details of the story.

“Tate, who has a limb difference, is overjoyed to see himself pictured in the storefront,” read the caption of the post along with a message from the little boy’s mother Lauren that read, “It goes deeper than the modelling and clothes. it’s the representation and inclusion. it’s normalizing being unique and different.”

In the following tweet, Lauren shares how such small actions of inclusions can encourage a child that he is capable and can do anything with one hand. “My hope is that one child like Tate sees this and smiles so big!” Kudos to Janie and Jack,” she added.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared online, the clip has prompted wholesome reactions among netizens with many lauding the clothing brand ‘Janie & Jack’ for the thoughtful poster. “I didn’t even notice! Had to rewatch a third time. I noticed how happy he looks,” wrote a user while responding to the boy’s reaction in the clip.

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