Production of high quality organic fertilizers started in Azerbaijan (PHOTO)


The group of companies “Caravan-L” has started production of organic fertilizers.

The company offers the highest quality organic fertilizer called the “Power”. The main composition of the product contains natural amino acids, humic acids and polysaccharides which are of special importance for the plants growth and productivity.

The product will reduce the dependence of local farmers and agronomists on imports. Organic fertilizer products are of high quality and can compete with other brands. It is worth noting that a representative office for this product has opened in the UAE.

The “Power” fertilizer can be used in 4 stages during the growing season of plants:

1. During the stalk process. Ensure the roots formation, strengthening and ramification of the new plants.

2. During vegetative development. Plays a special role in the formation of all vegetative organs and greenery.

3. During flowering. The “Power” fertilizer increases the number and quality of flowers in all plants.

4. During fruiting. It plays a special role in the filling, growth, color and taste of fruits.

The “Power” fertilizer increases yields, strengthens plants, improves the plants’ immune system, increases disease resistance, natural taste and aroma of the product. Besides, it strengthens the stems of the plant, increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves.

It should be noted that the products manufactured by “Caravan-L” Company, which was established in 1996, along with meeting the needs of the Azerbaijani market, are also exported abroad. The company exports its products to about thirty countries around the world.

For more information contact:

Phone: + 994 55 214 48 77

E-mail: [email protected]


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