‘Have we learned nothing?’: Netizens react after Elon Musk’s Neuralink partner says it’s possible to build real-life Jurassic Park


While movie buff love the Jurassic Park films, if one thing the franchise has taught us is that it’s not a good idea to bring back Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptors and Dilophosaurus. However, social media is currently in a frenzy with a possibility of dinosaur-themed park with dino species that became extinct millions of years ago.

It all started after Max Hodak, co-founder of Neuralink, and Elon Musk’s partner recently had tweeted about a possibility. “We could probably build Jurassic Park if we wanted to,” Hodak tweeted. Although he had added: “Wouldn’t be genetically authentic dinosaurs”, it didn’t stop people from speculating.

As he also stressed that it would require maybe 15 years of breeding and engineering to get “super exotic novel species”, and it got everyone talking online, imagining ahead and thinking what could go wrong, referring to the sad trajectory of the stories in the superhit movie franchise.

It must be noted that it is nearly impossible to ‘de-extinct’ dinosaurs. Unlike shown in the film, where the DNA is retrieved from mosquitoes in amber and fused with frog DNA, it wouldn’t be an easy task to extract DNA of the prehistoric animals. As in a following tweet he talked about intentionally trying to generate “novel diversity”, it led many to believe they might actually do it.

Although in his tweet Hodak never mentioned Neuralink, or whether the company is working on some dino-DNA project, the internet is still going wild.

While some shared jokes and memes, others have been tagging him and Musk, urging them “even if they can, they shouldn’t” go ahead with the plan. But few also said they would love to visit a dinosaurs park!

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