Labourers stumble of ‘treasure’ in Telangana village


Local authorities have taken over a site in Telangana’s Jangaon district after labourers stumbled upon a metal pot containing gold and silver ornaments Thursday. Assuming the treasure had some religious significance, locals soon started to hold prayers at the spot prompting the authorities to step in a take over the find.

The 11-acre site in Pembarthi village along the Warangal-Hyderabad NH 163 was bought for development by a Hyderabad-based realtor two months ago from a farmer named Narsimha. The works had been progressing on the site for three days. It was around 10.30 am Thursday when the earthmovers struck the metal pot. As news of the ‘treasure’ spread, the former owner as well as local reached the spot.

Sarpanch A Anjaneyulu Goud told reporters that further excavation is necessary to ascertain the historical importance of the site. “There have been talks in the past about the existence of a temple here. Many did not believe it. But after the recovery of the pot of the gold, now we are sure about it,” he said while appealing for construction of a temple at the site.

Pembarthi village, about 5 km away from Janagaon town, is known for metal craft and brassware.

Additional District Collector of Jangaon district, A Bhaskar Rao, who visited the site told that the copper pot contianed 189 gram of gold and 1.2 kg of silver ornaments.

He said officials were informed about the metal pot by the village sarpanch, after which it was shifted to the Warangal district revenue office for safe custody as there was no strong room in Jangaon.

Though it is estimated to be around 80 to 100 years old, Rao said experts from the state archaeology department have arrived in the evening and started the examination of the pot and the ornaments. “If the property is over 100 years old, it belongs to the government.

There is no need for any notification then as per the Indian Treasure Trove Act, 1878. If anyone claims ownership of the property, that should be proved by that person. So far, we don’t have anyone claiming any ownership,” he added.

He said the locals believe the treasure trove may have links to Sardar Sarvay Papanna. “It need not be the case. Anyway, experts are examining,” he added.

According to the website of the Department of Heritage Telangana (state archaeology department), Sarvay Papa Rayudu of Quilla Shapur was a famous local leader who had revolted against the Golconda rulers and defied the Mughal-imperial authority with his activities centered around Tatikonda, Shahpur, Golconda, Bhuvanagiri, Warangal, Elgandal and Kaulas, etc.

KS Sreenivasa Raju, the Director of Heritage Telangana, the state archaeology department, said: “Field officers who are subject experts are examining it (treasure trove). It is too early to say anything.”

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