Woman lures ‘ex-husband by offering sexual favour, slits his throat in revenge for harassment’


A 31-YEAR-OLD woman allegedly killed a 65-year-old man by tying him to a chair and slashing his throat. The woman claimed that the man was her “first husband” and she had lured him in the name of sexual favours in revenge for being harassed by him, police said. She was arrested on Thursday.

According to police, the deceased was a former ESIC hospital employee, who was in a relationship with five women. The accused was the fourth in line, police added. Police said the man was found dead with his throat slit at his apartment in Ganeshpeth on March 8. Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar said the woman, who has an eight-year-old son with the man, was estranged from him and living with another person with whom she had a three-month-old son.

“The woman continued to have a relationship with the old man too, saying she had adopted the other child. But the man was insisting that she should give him up. He was also seeking his pension account ATM card back from her. So, feeling harassed, the woman decided to kill him. After tying him to a chair, she slit his throat with a knife and waited in the house till he died before leaving the place,” Kumar said.

“We formed 12 teams and interrogated several people, including this woman who was also living under another alias. It was found that she made a call to him from her mobile phone before the incident and booked a cab from Gokulpeth area to go to his residence. The cab company confirmed her booking and CCTV camera at the apartment also confined she was inside the building for over 90 minutes,” Kumar added.

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