Pune: 129 refrigerators stolen with truck recovered after multi location chase, thieves escape


A container truck which was carrying 129 refrigerators from Pune to Pondicherry was stolen from Solapur Highway and what followed was a cat and mouse game between police and the thieves in which the stolen truck and the fridges were recovered from Solapur and Parbhani but the thieves did manage to give police a slip.

The container truck carrying 129 refrigerators of an international brand was being transported from Ranjangaon industrial area in Pune district to Pondicherry. On the morning of February 27, the driver of the truck, Arvind Kumar Singh had stopped on the road to go to the washroom and had left his keys and cell phone in the truck. When he returned, the truck was missing. He then approached the Indapur police station and registered an offence of theft.

The police tracked the vehicle using Singh’s phone.

A team led by Inspector Dhanyakumar Godse of Indapur police station found the truck at a location on Barshi Latur Road in Solapur district in the early hours of February 28. But by the time police reached the truck, the suspects had abandoned it and had fled with 30 of the refrigerators. The investigation team found that the suspects had used a smaller tempo truck and also got a basic description of the said vehicle.

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A further probe by cops which involved analysis of CCTV cameras and traditional police work, revealed that the suspects were moving towards Parbhani district. The Indapur police thus alerted Parbhani district police. By the time Parbhani police tracked them, the suspects had fled from there too, but left behind the 30 refrigerators. Speaking to Express, Inspector Godse said, “We are working on the concrete clues to track down the suspects. All the stolen refrigerators have been recovered.”

The probe team led by Godse consisted of Assistant Inspector Ajit Jadhav, Sub Inspector Mohite and constables Deepak Palke, Surendra Wagh, Kashinath Nagrale, Vinod More, Arjun Bhalsingh and Sanjay Kothavale.

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