WATCH: Swarms of mosquitoes in shape of tornadoes take over Argentinian city


While heavy rainfall and windy weather can sometimes lead to deadly twisters on Atlantic coasts, some people in Argentina were stunned when they recently spotted huge columns consisting not only of dust but mosquitoes!

Commuters in the province of Buenos Aires were left in shock after they spotted several columns of mosquitoes rising up from the ground resembling tornadoes from a distance.

One such video captured by a passenger travelling on Route 74, connecting General Madariaga to Pinmar, has gone viral leaving netizens horrified.

“Who is going to believe that these are mosquitoes?” a person in the video is heard saying in Spanish, as translated by Milenio. “It’s getting bigger and bigger, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” says another woman.

As the clip took social media by storm, a researcher from the Center for Parasitological and Vector Studies (Cepave), Juan García, told LA Capital that “the rains cause different depressed open areas to flood, where the females lay their eggs.”

However, as the swarms of mosquitoes raised concern among locals, García reassured that it does not represent a health risk for human beings. She pointed out that unlike dengue mosquitoes, “this species reproduces in swarms that form several meters above the ground”.

According to Infobae, several summer cities such as Mar del Plata, Pinamar and Villa Gesell have been affected by the influx of mosquitoes, with locals and visitors greatly discomfited and irritated by their presence.

Several people took to social media to share photos and videos to highlight how bad the problem is:

Federico Barone, head of the Zoonosis area, told LA Nacion that already in January there was something similar. And as repellents are flying out of shelves very fast, leaving a huge demand, community fumigation is the only hope of relief.

However, Barone clarified to the news outlet that massive fumigations were not carried out because they can result in a significant environmental impact. As of now, it aims to work on specific and high-traffic areas that are under the municipal orbit.

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