Registered and missed vaccination? Now, walk in to receive Covid-19 vaccine shot


A major gap that is being faced is poor coordination. As messages are sent to those who have to be vaccinated just a day before, many don’t turn up on D-day citing short notice.

Dr V S Nagpal, Medical Superintendent, Joint Director of Government Multi-Speciality Hospital in Sector 16, told The Indian Express that now anyone who is registered and misses the vaccination appointment can walk in at the health centres to get themselves immunised.

“In fact, SMS is sent one day before to the person and if he or she doesn’t turn up, our manpower and everything gets wasted as entire machinery is mobilised for those particular set of people called that day,” Dr Nagpal said.

He added: “Now because many cited short notice of messages, we have decided that anyone can walk in anytime during the hospital hours and get themselves vaccinated, provided they have registered in our data base.”

However, the walk-in exemption is only for those who are registered.

It is just not vaccine hesitancy but many of those who have to be vaccinated state that the message to take the vaccine comes one day before—due to which they can’t immediately ask for a day off as they have to be kept in observation too and that would be during
working hours.

Officials said that the entire thing is monitored using the COWIN mobile application where first people are registered and then according to their turns, automated messages are sent.

Data OF 60s and above

As of now, Chandigarh is waiting for the go ahead from Delhi for the data on people aged 60 and above.

“We are expecting that data from Aadhaar will help us in identifying our 60-plus people who will be given the vaccine. As of now, we haven’t got the go ahead. But we will be getting it soon,” the MS said.

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