Imran Khan crossed airspace of India’s exclusive economic zone, South Asia News


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday while arriving at Colombo had crossed into the airspace of India’s exclusive economic zone. The permission for it was sought from New Delhi from Islamabad a few days ago. India had given permission on Monday.

As a protocol. whenever heads of state or governments pass through the air space of any other country, the country is alerted with due permission taken. It is likely that Pak PM Imran Khan will use the same route to return back from Sri Lanka to Pakistan later today. 

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It is noteworthy that in the aftermath of India removing special status for the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan had denied permission for overflight for President Kovind’s plane one time, and PM Modi’s plane two times. 

In September 2019, Pakistan denied the use of its airspace for President Kovind’s plane during his Europe visit. In the same month, it denied overflight to PM Modi’s plane to attend the UNGA session, followed by no permission to Air India one during PM’s Saudi Arabia visit in October 2019. India had taken the matter with the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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