From blackheads to pedicure: Count on these DIY beauty hacks


Simple beauty DIY hacks will always come to your rescue. (Source: Lara Bhupathi/Instagram)

There are a lot of products and treatments available to manage the various skincare conditions and keep the skin healthy and glowing. But the safest and cost-effective ways are the natural and DIY remedies which require minimal and easily available products.

So if you are looking for some quick and effective skincare solutions, here is a video by hairstylist and makeup artist Ambika Pillai in which she suggests a few easy beauty hacks that you could count on.

Take a look at it below:

Face cleaning

For polishing the skin, exfoliating dry skin, or taking out surface blackheads, all you need is a tongue cleaner. Before washing your face, just clean it with the help of the tongue cleaner and you’ll be good to go!

DIY pedicure

If you want a pedicure and don’t have a foot scraper, then reach out for your razor. Use the razor on dry foot, on the heels, while applying some pressure. It is not going to cut your skin. Then put your feet in hot water with a bit of rock salt, rose petals, and treat yourself. When your feet are completely soaked, take a pumice stone and gently rub it in round motions in places where you used the razor. If you don’t have a pumice stone, use a light yet abrasive/rough stone. But you must use a pumice stone after a razor.

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Face scrub

What you need

½ cut – Tomato
2 tbsp – Powdered sugar, coarsely ground


*Pull back all your hair. Start scrubbing your face with half a tomato and powdered sugar in round motions. You can also add Himalayan rock salt. Scrub on all the problem areas.

For stubborn blackheads

What you need

½ tsp – Baking powder
Few drops – Mineral water
Clean toothbrush
Sparkling white toothpaste


*Squeeze out some sparkling white toothpaste onto a plate.
*Put baking powder, a few drops of water, and use the toothbrush to mix properly into a paste. Scrub on the nose, chin, and any other problem areas. If it still doesn’t go, next time, give the problem area a nice compression with a towel dipped in hot water. Then follow the method.

Would you like to try any?

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