Rubina Dilaik on winning Bigg Boss 14: ‘False accusations propelled me to move ahead’


Salman Khan on Sunday announced Rubina Dilaik as the winner of Bigg Boss 14. The Shakti actor defeated Rahul Vaidya to take home the coveted trophy.

The popular television star has had a roller coaster journey on the show. While she never managed to win the hearts of her co-contestants, her loyal audience stayed true to her. The reality show also has given Rubina and husband Abhinav Shukla a second chance to work on their marriage. The couple had announced on the show that they were facing trouble in their marriage and have also contemplated divorce.

Post her big win, Rubina, in an exclusive conversation with, spoke about her Bigg Boss 14 journey, what led to her victory and Salman Khan’s harsh words for her during the Weekend Ka Vaar.

Excerpts from the conversation..

More than four months in the house, and you have this trophy in your hand. How does it feel?

It’s been a long journey of 143 days, and it was worth every effort, struggle and failure that I faced in the house.

In an initial episode, you mentioned how you wanted all the rules to be explained to you in a way one does for a four-year-old kid. When did you realise you could actually win?

Honestly, there was always a desire to win but this game is all about destiny. Hence, I left it it to destiny but continued to create my journey. I really had no clue about the game but the learning spirit has always been ingrained in me. I wanted to live with that feeling, and continue to grow. I wasn’t worried about losing or winning, I wanted to live and love my journey.

You’ve fought battles with most contestants in the house. Which one affected you on a personal note?

The one with Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant. I have always been selective about people who enter my life. I am a person who gives every ounce to the ones I embrace. And when you do that, and your love and respect are not reciprocated, it shatters the confidence and faith in the relationship. These two people, events and incidences really hit me hard. However, I started my journey on the show with a clean slate, and I am exiting with a clean one again. Hence, I have no grudges.

You spoke about issues in your marriage on national television, and even sought help when pushed mentally. Was it difficult to open up about your vulnerability?

It was very tough because there is always a fear of rejection and being criticised and judged. The dejection part is something that always holds you back from not accepting your flaws and mistakes. The most beautiful learning in my Bigg Boss journey has been to embrace all shortcomings with grace. When you are able to do that, your weakness becomes your strength. And if you overcome this, put it out on TV and able to inspire even one life, I think it’s worth dealing with all challenges.

So what was the most challenging experience for you in the show?

There were a lot many but one in particular was the time when I could not explain my situation to my husband Abhinav Shukla. Bringing your intimate relationship into the public arena and yet not being able to express yourself freely can really suffocate you. It was very tough for me, as I wanted him to understand but could not say it in words.

Abhinav, in an interview to us, shared that the best thing for him on Bigg Boss was to have strengthened his bond with you. Now that you also have a winning trophy, which win looks more special.

For me, my relationship is the most precious thing, and thus achieving it was more special. This (showing her trophy) I don’t take it for granted but I have always believed that success is all about professional and personal life together. And now, towards the end of the journey, I can probably say that I have been able to achieve that.

Suffering from a superiority complex, authoritative, manipulative and a hypocrite — you have been called all these. Any clarification you want to give?

These false accusations only strengthened my resolve to look forward and move on. They might not have realised it but they were actually the ones who propelled me to do better. Their allegations became a stimulus for me to work towards reaching my destination. It also gave me strength to move ahead.

Salman Khan seemed to scold you every Weekend Ka Vaar. Did it effect your confidence somewhere?

It did in the initial stages but then I started looking at it from a fresh perspective. I took each of his feedback as a way to improve my game and each criticism as a way to polish myself further. It was all a learning lesson for me.

Many called it a ‘predictable win’. What or who do you think led to your victory?

Only my fans. As I have always said, an artist’s existence and identity are only because of the audience. I have this trophy in my hand because I have these million people who have immense faith and love in me. And this win is only because of them.

Bigg Boss 14 also saw Aly Goni, Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli in the finale.

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