Woman in China requests delivery boy to throw tea in her ex-boyfriend’s face


A woman in China found a bizarre way to exact revenge on her former boyfriend. In a video, which is now being widely shared on Valentine’s Day, a delivery boy is seen throwing a glass of tea at the man.

The 38-second clip, shared by China Daily, features the delivery boy walking up to a man and then throwing the tea in his face. He then hands him the order slip and walks away.

Watch the video here:

The delivery boy, interestingly, was only complying with the man’s former girlfriend’s request. “No need to be nice to the scumbag, just splash the drink on his face,” she wrote while placing the order.

According to an Oriental Daily report, the incident took place in ShangDong city. The delivery boy apologised to the man for his actions saying he was only following instructions, the website added.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Earlier, a woman in the UK had taken revenge on her partner by putting up posters mocking him after she caught him cheating.

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