Harry Potter TV series in the works at HBO Max?


The world of Harry Potter is ready to welcome the next generation of fans with a television series which is in the works at HBO Max, as per The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

The rights to the Harry Potter franchise are owned by Warner Bros (WB) along with writer JK Rowling, and if the report in THR is to be believed, the studio is talking to writers to flesh out a live-action TV series. The talks are said to be in early stages with no actors or directors attached to the project yet. WB and HBO Max have also not confirmed the project yet.

Warner Bros is currently in the middle of producing the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The third film of the franchise is currently in production and has been in rough waters lately. The film’s star Johnny Depp was asked to quit the project and has been replaced by Mads Mikkelsen.

The original Harry Potter film franchise started in 2001 with Daniel Radcliffe playing the titular character. The eight-film franchise ended in 2011 culminating the main story that was the focus of JK Rowling’s original book series.

While the films have been loved by fans all over the world, fans have often voiced their dissatisfaction that some of the key moments from the books were not included in the movies. With a TV series in the making, this might be the opportunity for the makers to recreate the books in great detail.

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