RRB NTPC 2020: Here is a look at questions asked in January 23 exam


— Ashwini Shivhare

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 2020: Quantitative aptitude and general awareness sections were tougher than the general intelligence and reasoning, as per the feedback received from candidates who appeared for the RRB NTPC exam on January 23. A slight change in the question pattern is also being reported by the exam takers.

The general awareness section was easier in shift 1 as compared to shift 2. There was an increase in the number of questions from recent current affairs and static general knowledge is observed. Candidates who have attempted about 28 – 31 questions in the exam can consider it to be a good attempt.

The mathematics section was easy in both shifts. Students who have attempted 24 – 26 questions will be considered a better attempt. Most numbers of questions were asked from number series, trigonometry, time, and work sections.

General Intelligence and reasoning section was easy. One can expect 25 – 27 questions as a good attempt. In both the shifts, there were 3-4 questions from coding and decoding and the Venn diagram each.

Here is a look at questions asked in the exam held on January 23 –

Which is the second-largest petroleum exporting country in 2019?
Ans: Russia

Which of the following queen of Ahmednagar fought against Badshah Akbar?
Ans: Chand bibi fought against Akbar’s forces in 1595.

FIFA world cup 2022, location?
Ans: Qatar

Phag is the dance of which state?
Ans: Haryana

Nibble in a computer is equal to bits
Ans: 4 bits

Full form of CSIR?
Ans: The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

If the loss percentage on Rs.52500 is 25% then what is the loss amount in rupees.

 If x + y = 75 and x2 – y2 = 300, then x – y = ?

A and B can do a work together in 12 days. If A takes 24 days to finish the work alone, then in how many days can B do the work individually?

If cosA + secA = 2 then cos6A + sec6A = ?

If sinA = ⅗ , then find the value of (cosA + tanA)/3cotA

— The author is SSC Community Team- Gradeup

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